We’re a boutique design agency with an international reputation for world-class design and exceptionally creative thinking.

We create brand identity and marketing campaigns and work with all types of companies, from international brands to dynamic start-ups.

We’ll help you grow your brand, grow your business and get the best results.


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Why Brandlogik?

We think fast, we work fast and we give you a brilliant service that delivers results.

We’ll help connect your business with your target audience and get the success you need. We’ll help you build a total brand experience.


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The Team

Catherine Yu Gu

Catherine is an Account and Project Manager with lots of international business experience. Formerly based in London, Catherine is a business, banking and financial expert from Shanghai.


Eugene Burns

Eugene is a designer with an international reputation. He has been a creative director for several world-class London branding and design agencies and was head of design for an international consultancy firm. He has led major projects for clients such as BT, Visa and MTV Europe and created the brand identity for Zurich Financial Services and many other brands.



What we do

We measure our success by making you more successful.

We’ll help you use your brand to grow your business and get the best results.


Our services include:

Web design    Branding    Graphic design    Advertising    Social media strategy    Video    Print design    Presentations    Consultancy    Packaging    Art direction    Copywriting


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Total Brand Experience

Everything you do is an important part of your brand and product experience. Growing your brand means growing your business. It’s your most effective sales and marketing tool.

We help you get your brand message and tone-of-voice right. We help you keep your brand consistent and compelling. We help you use your brand as a valuable business-winning asset.



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Current and past clients include:

Talentsocial    PKF    Visa Europe    Highlands Power    British Telecom    Wine & Spirit International    Zurich Commercial    Choya Saké    Nuvem 9    Prudential Insurance    VipNet    Zureka.com    PwC    MTV    Luger London    Brooklyn’s Lifestyle    Budweiser


Brooklyn’s Lifestyle
Highlands Power
Nuvem 9
Luger London
Choya Saké
Prutour for Prudential
Wine and Spirit International

We help you grow your brand, grow your business and get the best results.


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Every great brand tells a great story.

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