We’re on a mission to take your brand stratospheric. We’ll help you grow your brand, grow your business and get the best results.

We design web sites and create brand identity and marketing campaigns. We work with all types of companies, from international brands to dynamic start-ups.

Brandlogik is the number one ranked Irish design agency on Google.


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Why Brandlogik?

We think fast, we work fast and we give you a brilliant service that delivers great value for money.

We’ll help connect your business with your target audience. We’ll work with you to help you reach stratospheric success.


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Everyone can build a great brand.


 Brangento lets you see and manage your brand all in one place.

Use Brangento to build an easy-to-use profile that gives you valuable feedback. Use Brangento to connect with customers, build your brand and grow your business.


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What we do

We measure our success by helping you become more successful.

Your brand should drive you forward, not hold you back. We’ll help you use your brand to grow your business and find new markets.


Web design

We design highly effective and innovative solutions that really work for you and your business.  


We’ll help you stand out from the crowd and use our design and branding skills to help you grow your business.

Graphic design

Our dazzling design and creative skills will soon become your secret weapon.


We create measurable, creative, integrated and highly successful campaigns.

Social media

We design and manage your social platforms and help you find the best tools to measure their effectiveness.  


We can help you win that vital new contract, or help your business reach new markets of all kinds.




Every great brand tells a great story


Highlands Power
Nuvem 9
Luger London
Choya Saké
Prutour for Prudential
Wine and Spirit International

We help you grow your brand, grow your business and get the best results.


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