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Eugene Burns


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Why Brandlogik?

We think fast, we work fast and we give you a brilliant service that delivers results.

We’ll help connect your business with your target audience and get the success you need.

We’ll help you build a Total Brand Experience.


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What we do

We measure our success by making you more successful.

We’ll help you use your brand to grow your business and get the best results.

Our services include:

Web and UX design    Branding    Graphic design    App and platform development    Social media    Advertising    Video    Print design    Presentations    Consultancy    Packaging    Art direction    Photography    Copywriting    Augmented Reality



Everything is possible

Zurich Financial Services • Talent Social • PKF • Visa Europe • British Telecom • Wine & Spirit International • Choya Saké • Nuvem 9 • Prudential Insurance • VipNet • Luger London • Zureka.com • PwC • MTV Europe • Brooklyn’s Lifestyle • InvestNI • Chelsea Corporate • Signatus Recruitment • Minnis Brands


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Latest work: Minnis Brands

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Total Brand Experience

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Get a great deal on your next design project hello@brandlogik.com

Get the best results


The Team

Eugene Burns

Eugene is a designer with an international reputation who began his career with McCann Erickson. He has been a creative director for two world-class London branding and design agencies and was head of design for an international consultancy firm. He has led major projects for clients such as BT, Visa and MTV Europe and created the brand identity for Zurich Financial Services and many other brands. Eugene specialises in branding and design for established companies and startups in the UK, Ireland, New York and Silicon Valley across a range of sectors and delivery channels. 


Catherine Yu Gu

Catherine is an Account, Project and Research Manager with lots of international business experience. Now based in Ireland and in London, Catherine has an MBA and is a business, banking and financial expert from Shanghai.


Tomislav Ursic

Tomislav is our Head of Technology based in London. He has lots of technical skills and experience and has delivered very successful technology solutions for a wide range of international clients including PwC, Kingston Technology and Deutsche Telekom.



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