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Be outstanding

Be Outstanding – model red and black

What makes a company different from another? What makes a person different from any other person? And while we’re at it, what makes a design agency different from all the other agencies out there too?

The difference for companies is branding. It’s your brand the makes your business different from any other and sets you apart from the competition. Branding also makes it easier for you to get your messages across to your target audiences and helps your customers find you in the clutter and chatter of the web and social media.

Branding can make you stand out.

In the always on, always connected, always accessible world – everything matters.

If you think branding is all about your logo and the colours that you use, then it really time for you to think again. Branding is your logo, typefaces, imagery and the visual language that you use to communicate your brand. But branding is so much more than that.

Branding is the essence of who you are and what you stand for. Branding is how you talk, and the tone of voice you use, as well as the content of all your communication. In short – branding is everything.

Everything you do is an important part of your brand and product experience. Your brand is how you speak and interact with your users and your customers. It’s everything you do. That’s why in the always on, always connected, always accessible world – everything matters.


This can of course pose a bit of a challenge for business owners and marketing professionals. You can’t simply turn your brand on and off when you feel like it. You have to be flexible and think in fresh, evolving, often disruptive ways if you want to become, and continue to be, the best in your market, the best in your world.

Your branding helps you to connect better with your target audiences, helps you to listen to them and, whenever possible, anticipate their needs. And because you can learn from what your customers are thinking and saying about you, your products and services, you can try to make your brand that little bit better every day and make your communication better too.

Branding helps you learn more about your customer and ultimately about yourself.

It’s not enough to have a pretty logo and use it in the right way every time. It’s not enough to have fabulous integrated advertising campaigns if they don’t drive your brand communication and help you learn more about your customer and ultimately about yourself – and find yourself and your business anew every day.

Branding today is not static. It continually evolves. It’s about imagery and content. It’s also about having a web site that learns how users interact with it, then uses that information to make better connections and experiences for the next user and the next.

Branding, design and technology have the power to transform your life and your business. Branding is about being outstanding. Don’t you want to be outstanding too?

Eugene Burns



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