March 30, 2017 brandlogik

Branding – your future has already happened

Language can imprison and constrain human ideas and thinking. That’s the theme of Arrival, one of the most successful and thought-provoking movies in recent months. Understanding the language of an extraterrestrial race helps the main character played by Amy Adams realise she can break away from the constraints of traditional thinking and embrace her future. The future has already happened.

This idea resonates with my thinking on the total brand experience approach to design and business growth. Successful twenty-first century brands are not fixed. They’re not immutably encoded in fixed ideas and thinking. They move and grow. They evolve. They tell a fluid yet logical story that’s unique to the brand – unique to you. Your total brand experience includes the future as well as the past and present of your brand. It helps you create your future. It’s everything you do.

Your total brand experience includes the future as well as the past and present of your brand

Every great brand tells a great story and the future growth and development of your brand is already far from unknown. You can know where you want to go, know or have insight into what your future will be and plan for growth and revolution. Branding and design are an ongoing process that helps you grow your brand and build your future too.

Your brand is one of your most important business growth and sales assets. It tells your users and your customers the story of what you are and what you will become. When you work with a branding and design expert they need to help you through this thinking process – logically and creatively.

Build your brand for the future and not just for now. Don’t let your brand language imprison or constrain you. Your future has already happened. Let great design and branding make it the future that’s right for you.

Eugene Burns

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