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That breath beyond – branding in the age of disruptive technology

That Breath Beyond – Yu brand 710

In our latest ebook we look at how brands can win and still be authentic in the ever-changing business market where disruptive technology rules, and we offer some interesting points for business owners and marketing professionals to consider.

Technology and design can really help brands go stratospheric and see real business growth. For instance it’s important to realise that everything you do is an important part of your brand and product experience. Your brand is how you speak and interact with your users and your customers. It’s everything you do. That’s why in the always on, always connected, always accessible world – everything matters.

‘Everything that surrounds your service and your product can be described as part of your total product experience. Your website, the totality of your digital presence, including all your social media accounts, are all essential parts of your brand experience. This has implications for business owners of all types and brand managers in all business sectors, as there are some that haven’t quite got the message yet.’

It’s important to realise then that to be a successful twenty-first century brand, everything you do is important. That includes your social media presence too, in all its forms:

‘Social media in service of a product experience is not just media, it’s the experience of the product itself.’

Brands win in the disruptive technology world by using digital tools as a means of production, rather than as a means of consumption, and this applies to all territories and virtually all sectors.

‘You must move from merely using technology to get the job done to disrupting yourself and your market by depending on, exploiting and pushing the boundaries of technology.’

In branding, this authentic approach means developing a design and visual language that really says who you are and what you do.

It’s not borrowed or reimagined from someone else – it’s authentic for you and suits your brand’s personality and your company values.

It’s an approach we would do well to apply to each area of our own work and life, if we want to produce original thoughts, create new and cutting edge brands, or have authentic feelings that are something more than the strung together sequences from someone else’s movie.

You can download That Breath Beyond here.

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