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Ease the pain of pitching and presenting

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Pitches and presentations are the lifeblood of business. They’re how we deliver ideas and win new business. They’re how we talk to colleagues and other audiences too. Everyone has Powerpoint, but it tends to make even the brightest ideas dull and flat. Its strength is its ubiquity. But the ‘one damn word after another’ approach highlights a weakness in design, typography and engagement. Pitching and presenting are a pain. Eudeck helps you fix the problem.

If you want to be more persuasive, memorable and engaging as a presenter, you need to take advantage of three features of the human brain.

We’re hardwired to consume visuals

The more visual your presentation is, the more memorable it will be. Between 80 and 90% of the information our brain processes comes in through our eyes. Two-thirds of your brain’s electrical activity is dedicated to vision when your eyes are open. We’re hardwired to consume visuals.

The second factor is our human liking for stories. We tend to remember stories rather than random data. Personal stories make up 65% of our conversations. A fact that’s rooted in the way stories affect our brains. Thirdly our brains respond powerfully to two-way conversations. When you have a conversation with someone, your brain starts to mirror theirs – a process known as neural coupling.

Tell your story with Eudeck

Eudeck makes your visuals more memorable by using AR to help them stand out and be interactive. It helps you tell more engaging stories by helping you use a visual language that’s more natural, more intuitive and less linear. It makes you more successful by helping you talk to your audience in a more conversational, less bullet point-driven way.

Eudeck brings AR to the global presentations market. It’s a presentation platform with built-in AR tools. With Eudeck your images, text, data and ideas jump off the screen. They become more visual, more memorable. It makes your ideas fly. That’s why Eudeck is a valuable platform for users, partners and investors and a great European and international success story.

Tell your story with Eudeck. Email eugene@eudeck.com and get started.


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