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Every great brand tells a great story – what’s your story?

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It was Mad Men’s Don Draper who said that every great ad tells a great story. But you no longer need a Madison Avenue advertising agency to tell that story for you. You need good design, a great website and social media channels. And lots of hard work of course!

In my view every great brand needs to tell a great story. If you’re a brand owner or a marketing professional I think you’ll probably agree.

Each new Steve Jobs keynote created a chapter of the Apple story with every new product launch. Usually that was an insanely great story that anyone could connect with.

Enzo Ferrari took the famous prancing horse logo from a design on the fuselage of a World War 1 plane. He added the yellow background and invented the Ferrari logo as a good luck symbol. But you don’t need to be a petrolhead to understand and admire the power and history of the Ferrari brand.

Having a unique story makes your brand unique. It adds meaning and value to your brand and your business.

Koenigsegg use the former hangar of an air force squadron as their company headquarters. They put the squadron’s flying ghost insignia on their supercar engines to enrich the story of their brand.

You don’t have to own a technology company, or a supercar brand to have a great story. I meet entrepreneurs almost every day with great stories to tell about their business. My job is to help them tell their story in a unique way and help make it even more compelling.

Every business has a great story to tell and that includes your business.

Having a unique story makes your brand unique. It adds meaning and value to your business. It helps you start the conversation that helps make your business a social brand. So you have an advantage in social media engagement. You almost certainly have an original story to tell. Why not start telling it?

One more thing

I believe in the value of brand storytelling so much  I created Brangento, an application that helps everyone build a great brand. You can sign up for free here. If you’d like to have a chat about telling your brand story let’s talk. Ask about the deals we have for new clients and our referral programme.

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