December 2, 2013 brandlogik

The joy of logik – how to create a top ranked website

For a couple of months now has been the number one ranked design agency site in Ireland on – considering the site was only relaunched earlier this year, this marks a bit of a milestone in our development.

However, there’s more to being a top design agency in any country than a Google ranking and, you may be surprised to hear, SEO has relatively little to do with the secret of our success. In fact ‘the joy of logik’ – our secret sauce if you will – is the sauce that almost certainly flavours many other successful sites in may other sectors.

While we do use SEO techniques, and recently I have been very pleased to chat to and learn from the insights of several user experience experts such as Nathalie Nahai, The Web Psych, the real reason for the success of is that I have thought long and hard about the content and communication that gives a site its authority and engagement with the people who use it.

It’s the quality of the design and the value of the experience you deliver that makes your site a useful and worthwhile destination.

SEO can indeed get your website a lot of hits and boost your online presence, but it’s the quality of the design and the value of the experience you deliver that makes your site a useful and worthwhile destination and ultimately helps to grow your business.

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Being a number one site means you really need to know what your current and potential customers are looking for, then give them much more than that by grabbing their attention by speaking directly to their intellect as well as their emotions. On we never talk down to the people who visit our site.

The Brandlogik approach is a disruptive one. Due to the way we’re structured we’re unlikely to be the top-billing agency in our territory. We don’t have dozens of designers that we must feed with regular briefs and production deadlines, but rather we focus on delivering excellent ideas and results that put our partners and clients at the centre of everything we do. Rather than seek streams of new clients we build long lasting relationships and create partnerships designed to last and we use our website to reflect that approach.

In the same way that Jeff Bezos probably doesn’t lose much sleep worrying about the search ranking of any of the Amazon sites, I focus my attention on the experience and design of – making sure that it stays innovative and fresh, while clearly and simply expressing the values that drive the Brandlogik brand.

We value ideas and creativity, not for their own sake, but for what they can achieve for our clients and the people that know who we are and what we stand for. We use our website to deliver our values, as we believe in the power of design and technology to transform your life and your business. That’s an approach that changes our lives too.

Having high profile sites that link to you proves nothing, unless you can also deliver value to the people that visit your site.

Having a website that expresses who we are and what we do is important to how we live and do business and it’s an ongoing design process rather than a one hit wonder approach. There really isn’t any secret sauce except to work hard every day to try to do what you did yesterday – only doing it even better.

Generally speaking people don’t make decisions about the future direction of their brand and their business on the search rankings provided by Google. However, it’s one of many factors that can help grow your business and your brand, and that can make a transparent approach to technology work for you and just about every business you know.

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