August 4, 2019 brandlogik

Our exciting new brand identity and website for Chelsea Corporate in London

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Chelsea Corporate is a London business broking firm specialising in helping buyers buy businesses in the UK. Impressed by our portfolio of work for a range of international clients, they asked us to completely refresh and reducing their brand identity and to apply it to all their brand, print, social and website.

Lead designer Eugene Burns took on board the client’s desire to keep the hexagon shape that was already an established part of the brand and developed a fresh hexagon-based design.

On the surface this is a traditional hexagon but look closely and you see it’s a ‘hand drawn’ rather than a geometric shape. There’s a human element, an intelligence behind the design, the kind of intelligence that drives buying decisions in business.

Having established the new logo, icon and typography he went on to look at creating a new visual language for the brand. The connected Cs of the logo and icon echo the name Chelsea Corporate itself while the hexagon suggests not only business connections but the connection that occur in nature and architecture.

Chelsea Corporate gif 1

Eugene selected imagery to further develop this theme. Interconnected hexagons from a modernist tower block: the glass slats from London’s Gherkin building: a close up of the triangular glass 3D blocks in a futuristic tower.

Bringing design, imagery and typography together he created a fully adaptable and context-driven brand identity system. Eugene created a fresh and distinctive visual language for the brand which he applied to the engaging and eye catching new site. Buying a business is an art. It’s about research, marketing, presentation and creativity but most of all its about making the right match.

For this project Eugene brought all the elements together to create a new brand that’s innovative, memorable and delivering excellent results. He designed and built the new Chelsea Corporate website which includes an interactive portfolio of their Off-Market deals.

Using SEO, Google Analytics, Mailchimp campaigns, engaging social media and video seminars Chelsea Corporate have already experienced a significant increase in conversions through their site. See the new website here


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