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In the west saké is still largely an undifferentiated brand. Consumers are not brand and label aware. Through our contacts in the wine and spirit trade we found the owners of the best distributed saké, Choya Saké of Osaka Japan, and presented ideas and strategies to them to illustrate how their brand could be more successful in the west.

As the owner of the Choya brand, one of the major drinks companies in Japan, admired our entrepreneurial spirit, we produced a range of trade advertising campaigns and targeted promotions to promote the brand in the UK and Europe.

We positioned Choya Saké as a sensuous, fresh, exciting drink that has a great deal of untapped potential in the West and is versatile in that it can be drunk hot or cold and in bars as part of exciting cocktails and in restaurants with a surprisingly wide range of food styles going beyond traditional oriental and Japanese cuisine.

The success of these campaigns led to us being asked to help promote Choya Umeshu plum liqueur in the UK and we designed a range of trade and consumer promotions and POS and exhibition materials.


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