Design and innovation in sports technology

CoreTx is an innovative technology-driven palm cooling device for the global sports and health club sector. They approached us when they needed to reach key decision makers and business owners of health and fitness clubs, colleges and global elite sports teams.

I kicked-off the project with a Brand Sprint which uncovered the unique brand story of how Colin Edgar got the original idea to create the technology. This became an important part of the brand.

I created a range of fliers and brochures based on strong headlines and powerful imagery to illustrate the benefits of the technology, aimed a range of sectors with key features highlighted as they applied to each one. Due to Covid I reworked vibrant stock imagery combined with engaging copy headlines like ‘Supercharge your performance’ and ‘Cool down to touchdown’ to create a vivid and unique brand language and tone-of-voice for the brand.

This was well received by Colin and his team and they asked me to further develop the brand language for the next stage of the project. Together we worked on an innovative and modular business-to-business ecosystem to build CoreTx sales. This included art direction of a photoshoot and interview with Emma McQuaid World CrossFit Championship competitor from Northern Ireland. I directed and edited a promo video featuring Emma using the CoreTx device with added graphic animation. I produced a series of marketing brochures highlighting the key sales messages for the target audiences. It also included a mobile, customisable exhibition stand and new copy and visual styling for the website, and he recommended the game changing domain name which the company now use.

CoreTx is one of the most innovative sports technology products to have been designed and produced in Ireland.

Eugene Burns