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In the first weeks of lockdown Filligans needed a totally new website to help move their business and retail operations online. They produce hand-made jams, marmalades and chutneys for a wide range of quality food outlets across Ireland and the UK.

I held a brand sprint with the team over Zoom and produced a report which was agreed as the brand and design strategy to drive this project. The team got a better understanding of their brand, as well as of the objectives for this project. 

The success of the Brand Sprint gave me the approach of using the origin story of the Filligans brand name as a basis for new headlines for the site: Bring Your Taste Back To Life, Fill Your Jar With Taste, Hand Made in Donegal and Fill Yourself With Taste. I gave the brand a new visual language to help promote their products and new copywriting straplines to use for other marketing and social media activities. 

New imagery and graphics included designing a new Hand Made in Donegal icon which is used throughout the site. I redesigned, added and tested new links and suppliers to the Where To Buy page which also features the Hand Made in Donegal sub-brand. 

The main benefits for Filligans is they now have an up-to-date online list of products with text and some new imagery, which is very useful for clients, for the whole business and as a step towards building their new online shop. It has been great to see this iconic brand grow and develop.

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Hand Made in Donegal

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