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Nuvem 9

Nuvem 9 are a new type of financial and accounting consultancy service that specialises in working with companies and entrepreneurs with ambitions to take the profitability in their business to the next level.

‘We are not advisors with an MBA who have never actually worked in a business,’ says partner Niall McGinnity.

The first thing we did was to sit down with the partners and fully understand their business and even more importantly help them understand what makes their business different from other brands and their competitors. Only then did we start redesigning the logo to make the ‘nuvem’ or cloud part of their brand more legible and approachable, in keeping with their brand positioning. We created a real ‘cloud 9’ experience.

We then developed a fresh and engaging new website which stands out for its distinctive and vibrant imagery and approachable copy and content. The social media elements of the branding are extremely important for a consultancy that advises many companies in the startup sector.

The new branding and design has already helped Nuvem 9 grow their brand and grow their business, and the feedback and results have been extremely positive.

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