Simply Fit Food provides tasty, nutritious food for people with busy lifestyles and the Covid-19 lockdown decimated their grab-and-go market. Co-founder Evelyn Garland asked me to to review the company’s brand and online positioning to help them grow their business in the food sector.

I created a new brand positioning based on my new brand positioning statement ‘Eat well to stay well’. I used their Irish identity to brand their online food and fitness festival: The Food Féile, based on the brand advantage the company has in the wider UK and Irish markets. I then put all the elements together into a new Social Media Playbook for the brand.

I then created a Brand Personality Guide which grew out of the Brand Sprint I had with Evelyn adding many exciting new elements to the brand. For example, I created a

range of image sliders to use for their site featuring lifestyle images with a broader ethnic appeal and some engaging and vibrant food imagery.

My strategy and brand positioning gave the company the materials they needed to extend their brand into the UK market. In August 2020 the company announced a partnership with140 Aldi stores throughout Ireland which is a great achievement for the company. 

As Evelyn recently told the Independent newspaper my work helped… “develop the brand further. It’s set us up well for more online growth”.

Eugene Burns