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ZMB were a well respected, independently owned legal recruitment firm based near Liverpool Street in the City of London. They had a standard corporate website but worried that the advent of well funded and monolithic sites such as Monster would make inroads in their market share, in particular their highly profitable paralegal business.

They engaged us to discuss the design of a new website which might also involve some dynamic content. After several meetings with their marketing team we proposed that the most effective approach would be to create a new online, digital brand presence for the firm, that would benefit from the credibility of the ZMB name in the marketplace.

Taking inspiration from the parent brand we developed the new digital brand Zureka, derived from the initial Z of the firm and the Greek eureka meaning ‘I have found it’ made famous by Archimedes. Crucially the new name could also be registered online. We then developed and market tested a new logo and visual language for the digital brand that would communicate the strong brand messages we helped the team develop, to create a fresh presence in the crowded legal recruitment market.

To launch the new site we developed a highly cost-effective six sheet poster campaign for Chancery Lane and Liverpool Street tube stations, with the strapline ‘Zureka – defining your future in the law’ aimed squarely at the target metropolitan audience.

The launch, the website and the integrated marketing campaign were so successful that Zureka went on to be a major on-line legal brand. Within 18 months the brand was so valuable that the original ZMB partners were able to strike a multi million pound deal with Hays recruitment to made Zureka the brand name for the Hays legal business.

The new digital brand raised both the on and off-line presence of the original firm and proved extremely valuable as a tangible business asset.

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