Branding your billion dollar startup

You’ve probably heard that London-based Improbable are the latest billion dollar startup. I have no connection the company apart from the fact that they’re based in my old office in Farringdon in Central London. It’s fun to think that we left some creative energy hanging in the air for the new tenants to breathe in – especially as their simulation platform owes quite a bit to the world of the Matrix.

You can be fairly sure Improbable wouldn’t have such a high valuation if their brand and trademarks weren’t in order and that they’ve taken the time to get the right brand and trademark protection in place for their business and their platform.

Without the right brand and trademark protection you could find your startup doesn’t have the value you’d expect

You may have already built your website, your brand identity and your social media channels, but if you haven’t had the time or the inclination to get expert advice your startup and your product could be in a serious situation. Without the right brand and trademark protection you could find your startup doesn’t have the value you’d expect.

It’s not enough to have a brand. You need to have a brand that’s unique and one you can defend and protect when it comes to seeking major investment and when registering your name and trademark for international markets. And don’t make the mistake that because you can register a domain name that’s all you’ll ever need.

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