January 20, 2018 brandlogik

We’ve launched a new Trademark Pack with Linkilaw

When you’re building a startup, or launching a new product, you do it in the hope of becoming the next company to really lift-off. You may have built your website but if you haven’t had the time to get expert advice your startup and your product could be in a serious situation. Without the right trademark protection you could find your startup doesn’t have the value you and your investors expect.

It’s time to get your IP protected

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Linkilaw to give you a one-stop legal and design solution to help you register your trademark. Your trademark is a valuable part of your startup, so it’s time to get your intellectual property protected. It doesn’t cost a lot to register, but it can be very expensive if someone else gets there first.

“When you’re building a startup you do it in the hope of becoming the next company to really lift-off.”

It’s not enough to have a brand. You need a brand that’s unique – one you can defend and protect when it comes to looking for major investment or when registering your trademark for international markets. Don’t make the mistake that because you can register a domain name that’s all the protection you need.

Every great startup and every great business is unique. Your branding and design approach should reflect what makes you different. Non-distinctive names and designs are much harder to register than those that take a unique, creative and unusual approach. The UK government’s trademark site is very clear, ‘your trademark must be unique’.

You need a little help

Sign up for our new Trademark Pack and you’ll get expert legal advice, contract drafting and filing solutions for your applications. You also get practical and professional design advice to help make sure your application succeeds. Good design will give you an advantage and give you the edge over your competitors too. If any problems come up we’re here to help. So what are you waiting for?

Get more details at linkilaw.com/trademark-pack.

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