CCO – the Collaboration Company specialises in business coaching. 

When Dr Kevin Donaghy asked me to create a brand identity and website for his already well-establish company, the first thing I did was to take him though our Brand Sprint process. 

A Brand Sprint is an interactive workshop that’s so much more than a brainstorming session. It’s lean, fast and gives you immediate results. We use our expertise and experience to take you through a rapid process designed to give you actionable insights. Whether you’re a start-up or an established company, our Brand Sprint approach delivers results. 

The sprint helped us to understand what CCO does, but it also helped Kevin and his team understand their own company, their brand and objectives better too.

Using the same initials I created a new meaning for the CCO name calling it the Collaboration Company and went on to build an engaging new brand that brought the company values and insights they offer their clients to life alongside a fresh new website and visual language.

You can see the new website here

Eugene Burns