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Luger London is a film, design and culture magazine which believes in the power of design, creativity and technology to transform your life and your future.

When our client wanted to build a new online magazine he asked us to design and develop not just the site but also the branding and social experience. Luger London is a radically new web and social media brand. It’s a web magazine and review site focusing on film, design and culture. We developed the name Luger London as a twenty-first century answer to the Magnum photo library and there are plans to extend the brand into other sectors and territories.

From the outset we agreed Brandlogik would drive the project in partnership with our client and we not only design and develop the site but also write and curate the content and help shape the future strategy.

We built the site in just 10 days from the original brief. All the design, branding and development is by Brandlogik and we manage the hosting and maintenance, webmaster tools, SEO, manage the revenue from Google AdSense and are working with our business partners to take the Luger London brand to the next level.

See the Luger site here.


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