Opitec make project kits and electronic components for the European education market. I was asked by Opitec in the UK and Ireland to redefine their brand and build a fresh user experience into their website and online shop.

Reviewing their brand I found that their products and kits amazing and very photogenic but the company weren’t using the brand and its imagery to their advantage. I started by creating a new strapline: Bringing ideas to life. Everything for creative hobbyists and education professionals.

Thinking behind the new design 

My designs were Influenced by mid-twentieth century German and European design which would appeal to the education and sensibilities of teachers and budget holders. They would feel they’re buying materials which are well-designed and represent great value. The design is European in keeping with the company background, but also fresh, modern and relevant. 

New copy elements 

I created a range fo new copy headlines for social media, website and for the Opitec academie:

Bringing ideas to life

It’s so much fun when it works

Hands up to learn something new

Power your imagination

Social media 

Using the new design and copy elements I created new Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram platforms for the brand and integrated all the communication. I also created some exciting new animations to bring their social timelines to life.

Sector specific e-Marketing 

Alongside this I design a new Opitec academie sub-brand to allow the company to sell a package of kits to teachers in the UK and Northern Irish markets, building them into a unified educational theme.

Website design and updates 

I updated the site and design and SEO, completed with a range of engaging sliders featuring the new imagery and headlines.


Opitec in the UK and Ireland now has a strongly branded and distinctive brand presence. Aimed at primary and secondary school teachers it gives the company a unique new voice and positioning that it didn’t have before. The new social media strategy will help drive sales and improve customer engagement at a time when online sales are so important.

The new Opitec academie sub-brand offers something very new and fresh for Opitec customers. The new designs have received excellent feedback and the intention is to drive sales and improve brand awareness in the target audiences. The company now has a total brand experience where web, social and customer communication are more effective and engaging.

Eugene Burns