May 7, 2015 brandlogik

Are we about to see a new wave of transparent technology?

You understand technology and you know what it can do. But at the same time you want to get quickly to the benefits of technology, and find out how it brings your users and customers closer and how it makes your goals in life, and in business easier to achieve.

Like it or not, the Apple Watch could be the start of a powerful new wave of transparent technology. A gesture or a glance could soon be all you need to control your life, your business and your brand.

If you’re a business owner or a brand manager you dismiss the latest Apple device at your peril. The Apple Watch is all about what Apple call ‘lightweight interactions’. These are more transparent kinds of interactions, based on a view that wants technology that gets out of the way and lets you use it in simpler, natural ways. Using a computer will become as easy as looking at your watch.

To design a useful and intuitive Apple Watch app all the heavy lifting is done by the app on your iPhone not on the watch itself. This has the advantage of keeping the watch interface clear and simple allowing the processing to be done elsewhere.

The logical next step would be the cutting of the umbilical cord between watch and phone, leaving the app to become even more transparent, even more cloud based.

This could mean simple everyday gestures would eventually control ever more powerful devices. If the gesture of glancing at your watch becomes a new form of human/computer interaction, what could a look or a gesture become in the not too distant future? Could you design your brand and manage your marketing with glances and some intuitive wrist action?

Technology often gets in the way of communication even though there are many who value technology for its own sake. Is the ultimate social media for example one that is totally transparent, needing only an interface that you strap to your wrist, making it at once more personal yet also more discrete?

Many see the Apple Watch as a threat to the traditional watch market – the death of the Rolex. But are we about to see new devices that could mean the end of the phone itself?

After all if you can talk to someone on your watch and carry a discrete interface around with you no matter where you go, why would you need to carry a phone?

These questions raise opportunities and many questions for business and brand owners. How transparent is your brand and your technology? What gestures, glances and interactions are part of your business and your brand? Are you ready for a future of transparent technology?


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