May 14, 2012 brandlogik

It’s social media so why not make it personal?

If you’re turning your business into a social media business, or simply revamping your Twitter or other social media presence, there are plenty of tools to help you generate content.

Your ‘social media listening’ and ‘landscape analysis’ can be helped by using Google Reader, Topsy, Social Mention or lots of other tools and there are apps of all kinds to help you generate and post content from your searches.

I can’t help thinking though that if every other business in your sector is using a similar approach then lots of similar content gets generated, and even some social media experts seem to share a lot of similar types of content in their posts and have familiar sounding blogs.

It’s social media after all so why not make it a personal media too?

I recently built a sports related blog and Twitter account with many thousands of followers in a relatively short space of time by using some simple Google, NewsNow and Twitter based searches to find interesting content and media that really seemed different from other sites with a similar focus.

I found links and ideas that excited me and was quickly able to generate some social and often passionate interaction around the range of subjects covered. Things that interested me in the subject I presented in a personal way and shared them with my followers. I accentuated the human element while spending no more time as analysing lots of content searches would have done.

You could say I developed a tone of voice for my tweets and my blogs posts. A recognisable voice that stood out from the crowd.

Isn’t that what all good social businesses and successful brands aim for – a unique and recognisable tone of voice that sets your business apart from other brands and from your competition?

Of course if you get too close to your own business and your own brand you can sometimes find it hard to find the right tone. Sometimes it’s easier to talk to someone else before you discover what you really need to say and how really need to say it.

Making social media personal is one of the things Brandlogik excels at. We have our own unique tone of voice that’s part of our brand.

What’s yours?

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