Ease the pain of pitching and presenting

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Pitches and presentations are the lifeblood of business. They’re how we deliver ideas and win new business. They’re how we talk to colleagues and other audiences too. Everyone has Powerpoint, but it tends to make even the brightest ideas dull and flat. Its strength is its ubiquity. But the ‘one damn word after another’ approach highlights a weakness in design, typography and engagement. Pitching and presenting are a pain. Eudeck helps you fix the problem.

If you want to be more persuasive, memorable and engaging as a presenter, you need to take advantage of three features of the human brain.

We’re hardwired to consume visuals

The more visual your presentation is, the more memorable it will be. Between 80 and 90% of the information our brain processes comes in through our eyes. Two-thirds of your brain’s electrical activity is dedicated to vision when your eyes are open. We’re hardwired to consume visuals.

The second factor is our human liking for stories. We tend to remember stories rather than random data. Personal stories make up 65% of our conversations. A fact that’s rooted in the way stories affect our brains. Thirdly our brains respond powerfully to two-way conversations. When you have a conversation with someone, your brain starts to mirror theirs – a process known as neural coupling.

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With Eudeck the future is already here

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We’re building Eudeck, a platform that brings AR to the global presentations market. We’re already working with some of the smartest companies and the smartest people around.

Pitches and presentations are the lifeblood of business and creativity. It’s how we get our ideas across and win new business and partners. It’s often how we talk to colleagues and other audiences too. Everyone has Powerpoint, but it tends to make even the brightest ideas dull and flat. Its strength is its ubiquity, but the ‘one damn word after another’ approach highlights a weakness in design, typography and engagement. Death by Powerpoint is a problem that needs fixing.

Makes your good ideas look better

Working with a major international company we got the idea to use AR for business presentations. We created Eudeck – it’s Powerpoint supercharged with AR for everyone in every market. Eudeck brings AR to the global presentations market. It’s a presentation platform with built-in AR tools. It stands alone, but works with PowerPoint too. So you don’t have to throw away old presentations to make them more more engaging and use our AR features. With Eudeck your images, text, data and ideas jump off the screen. It makes your good ideas look better.

Make your ideas fly

Eudeck is more than an AR platform. It’s a tool to help create better presentations and helps you express your ideas better too. Our AR tools make your ideas fly. That’s why Eudeck is a valuable platform for users, partners and investors and a great European and international success story.

If you’re an Innovation, Marketing, or Business Development Director, or just want to use a tool that will make your ideas and presentations look awesome, email us for a demo.

Eugene Burns

Mail eugene@eudeck.com

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Fearless Design – the spark to faster growth

Music is an inspiration for designers. It offers a template for new ways of thinking and innovative new approaches to fearless design and faster growth.

Legendary former Talking Heads frontman David Byrne, the Scottish-born musician with an Irish name, in his book ‘How Music Works’ examines why architecture, technology and local economies have played a lead role in creating and promoting different types of musical genres over the centuries. Byrne has always taken a bold and fearless approach to his music and pioneered many new approaches to composition and sonic creativity since the early days of Talking Heads in 1970s New York.

Byrne collaborator Annie Clark, better known as indie art-rocker St Vincent, uses unusual guitar tunings to create innovative new sounds and unexpected results in her Grammy-winning compositions. Her ‘sculpting the ether’ approach has parallels in graphic and web design that combines text, imagery, space and code to form new kinds of experiences. Have a look at this 3D video and with a St Vincent soundtrack for starters. Note you can navigate the video in 3D if you use the Chrome browser.

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Our new work for Brooklyn’s Lifestyle magazine in New York

Brooklyn's Lifestyle

Brooklyn’s Lifestyle is a hyper-local digital magazine about all things Brooklyn NY and sometimes beyond. The site’s founder Nat Cleary asked us to help her rebrand and relaunch her site, having seen our work for Luger London featured on a global web design showcase.

The new brand identity echoes Massimo Vignelli’s pioneering design work for the New York transportation system. The Helvetica typeface gives the design a classic feel and we’ve reworked some iconic elements of Brooklyn and New York metro signage. We combined this with lifestyle imagery but given it a distinctive style that’s urban, engaging and works well on social media.

The new design has helped Nat bring some major new advertisers on board including Mercedes-Benz and the new site is already getting lots of extremely positive feedback. Have a look at the new site here.

It’s significant that although we’re based in Ireland and the UK we can work with a client In Brooklyn NY and help them grow their brand, grow their business and get the best results.  We already have lots of experience of working with clients in Silicon Valley, China, Japan and mainland Europe, so we’re very proud of our international reputation.

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Paul Smith and the power of a simple brand story

There will hardly be any Paul Smith customers unaware of the simple, yet powerful ‘origins’ story of the Paul Smith brand. A 17-year-old with a driving desire to become a professional racing cyclist, Smith had a serious accident and ended up in hospital for several months. While in hospital he made some new friends involved in the local art and design scene in Nottingham. So young Paul started to take an interest in their stories about the Bauhaus and contemporary design.

As the story goes ‘with the help of his then-girlfriend (now wife), Pauline Denyer, who was a Royal College of Art graduate, and a small amount of savings, he opened his first shop on 10 Byard Lane, Nottingham in 1970 named Paul Smith Vêtements pour Hommes.’ With no formal design training and having never gone to art school, Paul Smith still became one of the great English fashion designers, developing his own ‘classic with a twist’ style which has evolved for well over forty years.

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The Paul Smith brand story is simple, but compelling. It’s the story of the thwarted athlete who is still becomes a world beater. It’s the story of an outsider, not a fashionista, who makes interesting and enduring clothes and accessories with taste and quality. You don’t have to be one of the elite to be able to afford them. It’s the brand story of an everyman, which everyone can relate to.

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Does becoming a more social brand really help grow your business?

Total Brand Experience

Recent research from statista.com says 83% of SMBs use social media as a way of driving growth for their business. The same source says 70% of professional marketers claim to have been successful in gaining new customers using social networks.

These figures tend to support my own analysis. Social media has become one of the first things business owners and marketers turn to when they want to get more growth or launch a new product. But just how effective is social media in building your brand and growing your business?

I recently talked to customer experience professional and social media expert Augie Ray of Gartner. Augie argues that marketers “cannot achieve their goals with the limited and shrinking reach of organic social media.  Within a year or two, I think all social media marketing will be paid ads, with little effort dedicated to organic and free marketing.”

Brandcasting on social media rarely works

Augie thinks that while some brands do have a great success with social channels as they have great brand experiences that involve their audiences (examples are sports, entertainment and lifestyle brands like Apple and Samsung). But most do not and should be wary of placing too much of their focus on social media for marketing.

Social media marketing which isn’t really social will always be largely ineffective whether it’s paid for or not. Brandcasting on social media rarely works.

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Design your future and get used to success

When you work with start-ups it’s soon clear which ones give themselves a greater chance of success. Companies that value design and value ideas and creativity in everything they do, always seem to do better than the rest.

If you don’t think creatively you’re not using the power design and inventive thinking give you to design your future and plan for success.

Design is important in everything you do. From the way you send emails, to the typeface and logotype you use and the signals your web site and social media accounts give your users. Good design helps you engage with, learn from and better understand your customers.

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Total brand experience – use your brand to grow your business

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It’s an often overlooked but self-evident principle, that seeing how your brand performs helps you build your brand and grow your business.

The biggest headache for any business, is finding new users and new customers. Having a stronger and more powerful brand can help you solve that problem.

Growing your brand means growing your business. It’s your most effective sales and marketing asset.

Total Brand Experience

Everything you say. Every update you post, or link you share. Everything you do is part of your total brand experience. That’s why everything that surrounds your business is important.

Your latest tweet isn’t just a part of your social media. In real and measurable ways your latest tweet is your brand and your product itself, no matter what you sell, or what sector you work in.

Your social media and marketing is your brand and your product. It’s how your users and your customers see and interact with you. Everything you do is part of your total brand experience. Read more

Building a total brand experience for Nuvem 9

Nuvem 9

Nuvem 9 are a new type of financial and accounting consultancy service that specialises in working with companies and entrepreneurs with ambitions to take the profitability in their business to the next level.

‘We are not advisors with an MBA who have never actually worked in a business,’ says partner Niall McGinnity.

We developed a real ‘cloud 9’ experience for Nuvem 9 – a total brand experience that creates a unique tone of voice for their market.

The first thing we did was to sit down with the partners and fully understand their business and even more importantly help them understand what makes their business different from other brands and their competitors.

Only then did we start redesigning the logo to make the ‘nuvem’ or cloud part of their brand more legible and approachable, in keeping with their brand positioning. We developed a real ‘cloud 9’ experience for Nuvem 9 – a total brand experience that creates a unique tone of voice for their market.


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Copywriting and branding lessons from seven seasons of Mad Men

One of the interesting things about the recently ended Mad Men series was how it so often pitched its way out of the confines of the TV soap opera and into the real world of a creative advertising agency.

As a Creative Director who escaped the clutches of McCann-Erickson myself, there are lessons from the series for not just about every type of creative and marketing professional, but for every business owner too.

Copyhackers has produced the useful infographic below outlining the copywriting lessons from the show from the practical, ‘If you don’t like what they’re saying about you, change the conversation,’ to the philosophical, ‘We’re gonna sit at our desks typing while the walls fall down around us. Because we’re the least important most important thing there is.’

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