March 10, 2014 brandlogik

This must be the place – how creative ideas are creating a new wave in business thinking

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There’s a new wave of creativity sweeping the land. Virtually overnight creativity and creative ideas seem to have become much sought after commodities in forward-thinking businesses. To take our own business as an example, Brandlogik has been picking up new projects in Derry, Dublin and Tokyo and even in hitherto dark creative backwaters such as London. 

Becoming the number one ranked design agency site on Google helps, but that position has very little to do with SEO and everything to do with good content and a hard-earned reputation for understanding business and the role creative ideas play in business growth.

Bland is in danger of being beaten into retreat.

There’s a new wave of creativity in the arts too, which, in my view, has played a not insignificant part in the emergence of fresh thinking in businesses. Even the Oscars judges, who perennially celebrate the bland, gave Italian director Paulo Sorrentino an award for The Great Beauty, a film that’s arguably one of the most innovative, finely tuned and masterfully directed of the century so far.

If you’re wondering why Mr Sorrentino is so respected in the area of creative innovation, have a look at this music sequence he created with David Byrne of Talking Heads fame, and compare it with the MTV fast-cutting blandness that has dominated YouTube and TV screens for far too long.

Music too has had a much-needed infusion of artistic ideas, with artists such as St Vincent merging art with creative virtuosity light years away from the meaningless reality show acts that have largely overrun the music business. Film and music seem to have found a new creative validation.

Creativity and creative ideas have never gone away, but they seem to have a new currency, a new vigour and strength. That’s why genuinely creative businesses are starting to flourish and grow – businesses that seek out and value disruption as the core of the way they work. These are potentially exciting times for any business to create and develop new products and services.

It seems that most artists and innovative business people have started to realise that technology really can change your life and your business.

Brands and businesses are using technology more effectively and if you’re good at what you do it’s easier, thanks to web tools and social media, to be seen to be good. Brands that create great products and excellent services are using disruption of all kinds to grow their brand and be more successful.

This new wave is a wave of technology-driven creativity and it’s coming to browser, or an app, very close to you. Be part of it.

Eugene Burns




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